Kilvin is a set of universal & primitive Layout Components for React.

It is build with Fela and requires react-fela. It is intended to be used in projects that use Fela anyways.

Each component is carefully crafted and well tested in production.

As mentioned in the Read Me already, Kilvin is especially build for applications build with Fela as it requires a working Fela setup.

The components are extracted from several projects build by Fela's Author. Therefore they might be quite opinionated. Still they include a lot of experience and combine multiple components for different projects into a small set of universal components.


yarn add kilvin

Alternatively use npm i --save kilvin.

The Gist

import { Absolute, Box, Spacer } from 'kilvin'

export default () => (
  <Box space={2}>
    <Absolute top={0} left={0} fixed>
      Fixed in the upper left corner.
    <Box padding={2}>A</Box>
    <Box padding={3} width={50}>