Platzi Conf Merch ?

It is a React.js PWA of a MVP store. The project consists of different views and pages which are accessed using React Router routes.

Integrating payments with PayPal and maps with react-map-gl and Mapbox. I also use Lottie for the animation of the 404 error page.

The flow of the application is simple, it looks like a store MVP. The customer views the products, adds them to the cart, enters his personal data to receive the purchase and then pays using PayPal. If the payment was successful, a page with a map and a thank you is displayed.

The project has two configurations, one for production and another in development thanks to Webpack. Some SEO work is done using Helmet. To ensure a correctly formatted and error free code we use esLint and Prettier.

Contributing ?

The project is open to changes or suggestions. Constructive criticism of any kind is welcome.

Installation ?

Clone Platzi Conf Merch:

git clone

Install dependencies:

npm install

Platzi Conf Merch Local Deploy:

npm run start

Licencia ?

Copyright © 2021 Christian Boffill

This project is MIT licensed


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