React Based Log Browser for WinstonJs.


npm install --save winston-dashboard
Minimum requirement: Node 8


const winstonServer = require('winston-dashboard');
const path = require('path');

// Instantiate the server
  path: path.join(__dirname, '/logs'), //Root path of the logs (used to not show the full path on the log selector)
  logFiles: '/**/*.log', //Glob to search for logs, make sure you start with a '/'
  port: 8000, // Optional custom port, defaults to 8000,
  orderBy: 'creationTime' // 'creationTime' | 'modifiedTime', if none is provided then it will sort by alphabetical order

How it works

It uses options.path and options.logFiles to look for all logs.
Each one of these logs is instantiated as a Transport.

Server provides query api for these transports.

What you can do

  • Picks up new log files every minute
  • Filter logs with an input. useful when you have a lot of log files, for example daily files.
  • Filter logs with an input
  • Filter by maximum level (if Info is selected verbose and silly wont show).
  • Select amount of rows to show.
  • Paginate

What it cant do

  • It cannot sort even thought he Api provides a way to do so because the order 'desc' has a bug and does not paginate.

  • Cannot filter by time. if you are really interested in this and just let me know and i can make it work. I had it at some point but while investingating the transport query function i removed this functionality.


  • Add a refresh button