React Page Scroll Progress Bar

Scroll bar to show the scroll progress of the page at the top of the page.



npm users

  npm install react-page-scroll-progress-bar

yarn users

  yarn add react-page-scroll-progress-bar


Import the component

import PageScrollProgressBar from "react-page-scroll-progress-bar";

Optional props:

Parameter Default Description
container document.body The reference of the parent most element of your react app.
color #eb5757 Color of the progress bar as a hex string
bgColor #f2f2f2 Color of the progress bar background as a hex string
height 0.25rem or 4px Height of the progress bar
top 0 Top position

Example with document body as the container -

const App = () => {
  return (
    <PageScrollProgressBar color="#00FFFF" bgColor="#f2f2f2" height="6px" />
    <div className="App">

Example with app container element -

const App = () => {

  const AppRef = useRef(null); 

  return (
    <PageScrollProgressBar container={AppRef.current} color="#00FFFF" bgColor="#f2f2f2" height="6px" />
    <div className="App" ref={AppRef}>


Checkout the Example app

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