Sell Out

The best way to checkout in a dApp. Sell Out handles the entire checkout flow in a single React component.

Repo and Demo Site

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? Project philosophy

Sell Out at it’s core, is a component library for Web3 checkout experiences. Sell Out aims to be a delightful checkout experience for developers to easily integrate into their dApps. Inspired by RainbowKit, Sell Out uses a single React component to handle the entire checkout lifecycle. Don’t ever stress about complex modals and checkout flows. Let Sell Out handle it so you can focus on, selling out.

⚛ Components

Import the <CheckoutModal /> to add a fully typed checkout component to your app.

Wrap your app in the <SellOutProvider /> to get access to a bunch of handy hooks!

?‍? Tech stack

Here’s a brief high-level overview of the tech stack Sell Out uses:


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