React Boilerplate

The following repo contains a very basic setup

git clone
cd React-Express-Boilerplate
npm install

Running the server

Kick off webpack so that its running. Its set to use the -w option so it’ll continuously compile the client/src directory into client/dist

npm run react-dev

Start the Server

Nodemon should be installed – so all changes to the server will be automatically reloaded. You should be up and running at localhost:3000

npm start

The Express Server

It doesn’t really do much other than serve the static files in client/dist


In the client/dist directory, you’ll find the compiled bundle.js which is imported by index.html.

In the src/ directory we have the bare bones of a basic react app that has an index.jsx file and an App component that prints Hello World

Webpack Config

Uses babel to precompile and currently is only set up for .jsx files


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