Welcome to WinUI React repository!

Current roadmap:

  • This week: Progress Ring, Progress Bar, Info Bar, Info Badge

  • 4 October: Slider, Radio Button, ComboBox

  • 11 October: Color Picker, Auto Suggests Box, Input (Number box, Password box, Text Box)

  • ListView, GridView, TreeView

  • NavigationView (left & top variants), BreadcrumbBar

  • Dialog, Flyout, Teaching Tip

  • RichEditBox

Project status:

Type of components Current development status Estimated release date
Basic Inputs ??️ 4 October
Text ??️ 11 October
Status and info ??️ This week
Navigation In near future
Dialogs and Flyouts In near future
Collections In near future
Date and Time In near future
Media In near future
Menus and Toolbars In near future
  • ✅ – Stable release
  • ? – Unstable release (Experemental)
  • ??️ – In active development
  • ❌ – Not supported yet
  • ? – Just an suggestion

Compatibility table

Browser Compatible First compatible version
IE ❌ Not tested yet
Edge* ❌ Not tested yet
Firefox ❌ Not tested yet
Chrome ✅ Partially compatible Tested on 93 version
Safari ❌ Not tested yet
Opera ❌ Not tested yet
Safari on iOS* ❌ Not tested yet
Opera Mini* ❌ Not tested yet
Android Browser* ❌ Not tested yet
Opera Mobile* ❌ Not tested yet
Chrome for Android ❌ Not tested yet
Firefox for Android ❌ Not tested yet
UC Browser for Android ❌ Not tested yet
Samsung Internet ❌ Not tested yet
QQ Browser ❌ Not tested yet
Baidu Browser ❌ Not tested yet
KaiOS Browser ❌ Not tested yet

Demostration video: