⚗️ Treat your <NavLink /> components for better SEO and UX.

  • Opens all external links in a new tab/window with rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" (thus giving your users more browsing security and stopping you from loosing your SEO juice).
  • Adds title attribute to all external links and anchor links to help your users understand what they're getting into, without cluttering your internal links.
  • Converts all of your internal links as relative URLs (for better canonical structure).
  • Fixes invalid links, such as =>
  • Provides makeRelative utility function that can help you turn all of your absolute links within your domain to relative ones.


yarn add @roast-cms/react-link-filter

Then, in your project:

<Link to="" domain="localhost:3002">External website</Link>

For more detailed examples see /examples folder. There you will find a method on how to avoid having to add domain prop every time.

Contributions welcome!

To get started with the code: clone the repo, run yarn install then yarn start and open up http://localhost:3002 in your browser.