An open source application built using the new router, server components and everything new in Next.js 13.

Warning This app is a work in progress. I’m building this in public. You can follow the progress on Twitter @shadcn. See the roadmap below.



About this project

Right now, I’m using this project as an experiment to see how a modern app (with features like authentication, subscriptions, API routes, static pages for docs …etc) would work in Next.js 13 and server components.

I’ll be posting updates and issues here.

A few people have asked me to turn this into a starter. I think we could do that once the new features are out of beta.

Note on Performance

Warning This app is using the canary releases for Next.js 13 and React 18. The new router and app dir is still in beta and not production-ready. NextAuth.js, which is used for authentication, is also not fully supported in Next.js 13 and RSC. Expect some performance hits when testing the dashboard. If you see something broken, you can ping me @shadcn.


  • New /app dir,
  • Routing, Layouts, Nested Layouts and Layout Groups
  • Data Fetching, Caching and Mutation
  • Loading UI
  • Server and Client Components
  • API Routes and Middlewares
  • Authentication using NextAuth.js
  • ORM using Prisma
  • Database on PlanetScale
  • UI Components built using Radix UI
  • Documentation and blog using MDX and Contentlayer
  • Subscriptions using Stripe
  • Styled using Tailwind CSS
  • Validations using Zod
  • Written in TypeScript


  • Add MDX support for basic pages
  • Build marketing pages
  • Subscriptions using Stripe
  • Responsive styles
  • Add OG image for blog using @vercel/og
  • Dark mode

Known Issues

A list of things not working right now:

  1. GitHub authentication (use email)
  2. Prisma: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/var/task/.next/server/chunks/schema.prisma’
  3. Next.js 13: Client side navigation does not update head

Why not trpc, Turborepo or X?

I might add this later. For now, I want to see how far we can get using Next.js only.

If you have some suggestions, feel free to create an issue.

Running Locally

  1. Install dependencies using Yarn:
  1. Copy .env.example to .env.local and update the variables.

  2. Start the development server:

yarn dev


Licensed under the MIT license.


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