? React Native Boilerplate – May 2021

React Native Boilerplate is a starting point for React Native application. This project is configured with redux, redux saga
and redux persist. Uses latest version of react-navigation (v5.9)

Redux Logo

Redux Logo

Redux Logo


If you want something simple, un opinionated and scalable with no boilerplate:

Scalability Factor

This Type based Architecture scales smoothly for small – medium apps. If you guys are building a very large application I would suggest using the following feature based architecture which will be more developer friendly with ease of scaling.


Projects using this BoilerPlate


How this looks


Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo, git clone https://github.com/victorkvarghese/react-native-boilerplate.git <your project name>

  2. Go to project’s root directory, cd <your project name>

  3. Remove .git folder, rm -rf .git

  4. Use React Native Rename to update project name $ npx react-native-rename <newName>

  5. Run yarn to install dependencies

  6. Start the packager with yarn start

  7. Connect a mobile device to your development machine

  8. Run the test application:

  • On Android:
    • Run react-native run-android or Use Android Studio (Recommended)
  • On iOS:
    • Open ios/YourReactProject.xcworkspace in Xcode
    • Hit Run after selecting the desired device
  1. Enjoy!!!


PRs are welcome


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