Browser Extension React & TypeScript Starter

Browser Extension React & TypeScript Starter

A web extension (Manifest V3) starter kit with hot reload support, built with React, Typescript, Redux, Vite, ESLint, Prettier, TailwindCSS, Jest and more!


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  MIT License

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  • Instant HMR (hot reload)1
  • Global Redux support with persist option. Effortless communication between content, background, popup, options, and more pages.
  • Provides a basic content example and popup, options, and welcome pages with all React
  • Latest Manifest V3 support
  • Dynamic manifest.json
  • Includes ESLint configured to work with TypeScript and Prettier
  • Includes stylelint and commitlint configured
  • Includes tests with Jest

Built with

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Redux (toolkit and redux-persist)
  • TailwindCSS
  • Vite
  • Jest
  • ESLint
  • Prettier
  • stylelint
  • commitlint
  • commitizen
  • simple-git-hooks (lightweight husky alternative)
  • nano-staged

Quick Start

Warning Please see Important Notes before start using.

Ensure you have

Use the Template

GitHub Template

Create a repo from this template on GitHub.


Clone to local

If you prefer to do it manually with the cleaner git history

Note If you don’t have yarn installed, run: npm install -g yarn

npx degit sinanbekar/browser-extension-react-typescript-starter my-web-extension
cd my-web-extension

Then run the following:

  • yarn install to install dependencies.

  • yarn dev to start the development server.

  • yarn build to build an unpacked extension.

  • Load extension in browser

    • Go to the browser address bar and type chrome://extensions
    • Check the Developer Mode button to enable it.
    • Click on the Load Unpacked Extension button.
    • Select your dist folder in the project root.

Available Commands

  • yarn clean to remove dist folder. dev and build commands call this command.
  • yarn ci:test to run lint & unit test & type checking in ci environment. ci:test:lint, ci:test:style, ci:test:unit commands also available.
  • yarn format to fix code with eslint, prettier and stylelint.
  • yarn lint to call ESLint, Prettier and stylelint.
  • yarn test for testing.

Important Notes

This starter includes experimental packages (tested in production but not by me) and is currently in development. You can see changes in this repo often for now.

Please use with caution.


Note This plugin powers the development side of this starter.


Special thanks to @jacksteamdev and contributors for this amazing plugin.


Note It is a fork of webext-redux with Manifest V3 support and is currently in release candidate (RC).

Please see tshaddix/webext-redux#282

Warning Do not update to react-redux version 8.x, it is not supported for now and is break your application.


Note It is a fork of redux-persist package which has not released a new version for years. This package includes the newest commits from the main repo and upgrades various dependencies to more recent versions.


This repository is following the Conventional Commits standard.


MIT © Sinan Bekar



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