React Unforget

React Unforget is a performance-enhancing compiler designed to optimize React applications through intelligent memoization and code transformations. By analyzing and modifying React components and hooks, it aims to reduce unnecessary re-renders and streamline the execution flow, bridging the performance gap between React and more efficient frameworks like Svelte.

The core process involves two main steps: 1) Computing a dependency graph to understand interdependencies between code segments, and 2) Transforming those segments based on the dependency graph to optimize execution and minimize redundant computations.

Key features include intelligent memoization of JSX elements and expressions, comprehensive dependency graph computation, optimized code transformations via topological sort and depth-first search, and a custom useCreateCache$unforget hook for efficient state and cache management.

While the official React Compiler (Forget) is still in development, React Unforget offers an alternative approach to React optimization, similar to how Preact serves as an alternative to React itself. It encourages innovation and diversity in optimization techniques within the React ecosystem.

React Unforget is open-source software released under the permissive MIT license, allowing users to freely use, modify, and distribute it according to the license terms.