Costie is a meeting cost calculator. It takes the - before-tax preferably - salary amounts of the participants and runs a timer with the meeting's cost per second. The salary fields are safe in password fields and are destroyed the moment the user navigates to the timer, with the application keeping only the sum of all salaries per second.


The user selects the number of participants and then has to pass over the device to them, so they can individually and securely input their salary. Finally, when all participants have set their information and the device has returned to the user, the meeting is ready to begin.

The application has calculated the meeting cost per second based on the sum of the salaries and this cost is the only information kept in the application while the timer runs.

Calculation Explanation

The calculation is:

(work hours per day) * (working days per week) * (weeks in a year) * (minutes in an hour) * (seconds in a minute)

which assumes the numbers:

7.5 * 5 * 52.1429 * 60 * 60

This will return the amount of total working seconds in a year (TWSY). Then, we divide the sum of the salaries by TWSY to get the total cost per second. This total cost has to be at least 0.01 of the selected currency, as there are no smaller physical currency entities for a user. The minimum possible salary sum which can return 0.01 is 35197. Therefore, if the salaries' sum is less than 35197 the application returns the Please enter valid salaries. error.