Remix Tailwind Starter Kit

Remix starter kit with Tailwind CSS v3 family of libraries.

Example demo to combine the best Tailwind-related ecosystem such as Tailwind CSS, Headless UI, Radix UI, VechaiUI, Flowbite, daisyUI, and more.




  • Core
    • React v17
    • Remix v1
    • TypeScript v4
  • Frontend
    • Tailwind CSS v3
    • PostCSS v8
    • Heroicons v1
    • Headless UI v1 — Unstyled accessible UI components
    • Radix UI v0 — Unstyled accessible UI components
    • VechaiUI v0 — React Tailwind CSS components
      • Fully featured React component
    • Flowbite v1 — Tailwind CSS components
      • Only to get the class names
    • daisyUI v2 — Tailwind CSS components
      • Unused if using VechaiUI
  • Config
    • ESLint v8
    • Prettier v2
    • Vercel


To run your Remix app locally, make sure your project’s local dependencies are installed:

npm install

Afterwards, start the Remix development server like so:

npm run dev

Open up http://localhost:3000 and you should be ready to go!

If you’re used to using the vercel dev command provided by Vercel CLI instead, you can also use that, but it’s not needed.


After having run the create-remix command and selected “Vercel” as a deployment target, you only need to import your Git repository into Vercel, and it will be deployed.

If you’d like to avoid using a Git repository, you can also deploy the directory by running Vercel CLI:

npm i -g vercel

It is generally recommended to use a Git repository, because future commits will then automatically be deployed by Vercel, through its Git Integration.


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