TipTap React Render

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This library renders TipTap JSON payloads in React clients without embedding the editor.


# npm
npm install @troop.com/tiptap-react-render

# yarn
yarn add @troop.com/tiptap-react-render


// handle the document
const doc: NodeHandler = (props) => (<>{props.children}</>)

// handle a paragraph
const paragraph: NodeHandler = (props) => {
  return <p>{props.children}</p>

// handle text
const text: NodeHandler = (props) => {
  // you could process text marks here from props.node.marks ...
  return <span>{props.node.text}</span>

// handle an image
const img: NodeHandler = (props) => {
  const { src, alt, title } = props.node;
  return (<img src={src} alt={alt} title={title} />)

// create a handlers wrapper
const handlers: NodeHandlers = {
  "doc": doc,
  "text": text,
  "paragraph": paragraph,
  "img": img,

// sample tip tap data
const data = {
  type: "doc",
  content: [
      type: "paragraph",
      content: [{
        type: "text",
        text: "hello world"
      type: "paragraph",
      content: [{
        type: "img",
        src: "https://some-url.com/img.jpg",
        alt: "some alt text"

// render it!
const rendered = <TipTapRender handlers={handlers} node={data} />


Many folks render TipTap rich text by embedding the TipTap editor in a “read-only” mode. However, if you don’t want to add TipTap as a dependency (or, like us, you’re using a platform that can’t support it like React Native), then this is a simple, lightweight tool for mapping TipTap nodes to presentation components!

We were inspired by Contentful’s rich-text-react-renderer tool, so we built a similar one for TipTap payloads!

This repo was scaffolded using the @alexeagleson/template-react-component-library


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