Github Explorer

? Repository search using the Github API.

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Before starting, you’ll need to have the following tools installed on your machine: Git, Node.js, Yarn. Also it’s nice to have an editor to work with the code like VSCode

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Clone this repository
$ git clone

Access the project folder in the terminal/cmd
$ cd github-explorer

Install dependencies
$ yarn install

Run the application in development mode
$ yarn start

The server will start on port:3000 - go to http://localhost:3000 in the browser of your choice.


Enter the authorname/repositoryname of a Github repository. Example: facebook/react and click search.

When clicking on the listed repository, details coming from the github Api will be displayed, such as: author image, description, how many stars, how many forks, total issues, when clicking on the issue it will be directly linked to the issue on github.




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