octagon is a react component library. it is built on top of Semantic UI React (SUIR).


this package provides:

  • a custom semantic-ui theme
  • a set of supplementary react components beyond those provided by SUIR

note: if you are looking for a ground up framework, please instead jump directly to semantic-ui-react, as this project is generally just an opionionated implementation of the SUI ecosystem.


to install and use this project within your project, simply clone the react-octagon project and use yarn to install it.

yarn add react-octagon or yarn add --dev react-octagon


using octagon components in your app is easy:

  • import octagon's CSS
  • import components from the lib, or from SUIR
import 'react-octagon/lib/styles/semantic.css'
import { FavoriteButton } from 'react-octagon'
import { Segment } from 'semantic-ui-react'

class MyWigdet () {
  render () {
    return (
        <FavoriteButton isFavorited />