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Sentrify Free React MUI5 Template Built With Authentication 🔐

Sentrify is a free to use project template for web applications that include a user dashboard. Sentrify provides a clean UX on the frontend with a very basic Express server used for user authentication on the backend. The project is built using modern techniques and utilises turborepo for a seamless mono-repo enviorment. Sentrify if the perfect starting point for most small projects.

Features 🌟
✅ TypeScript
✅ Express API
✅ Frontend Authentication
✅ Password reset
✅ Automated emails
✅ Account verification
✅ Protected routes
✅ Queue system
✅ Fullscreen Functionality
✅ Automatic Idle Logout
✅ shareable Component Libary

Before Getting Started

You will either need a remote or local instance of Postgresql and Redis.

To Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone
  cd sentrify-dashboard

Install dependencies

  npm install

Environment Variables

To run this project, you will need to add the following environment variables to your .env file located in the root directory

Please keep the PORT & ALLOWED_ORGIN the same as below otherwise it will create CORS and frontend request issues.






SESSION_SECRET=32 character string




JWT_SECRET=32 character string

Generate Prisma types

  cd apps
  cd api
  npx prisma generate
  cd ..
  cd ..

Start the application

  npm run dev

View the application at http://localhost:3987 and create an account. 💪

Make sure you are on http://localhost:3987 and not ⚠




If you have any feedback, please reach out to me on discord Zoot#7045 📭

Support And Future Plans

I hope to continue to update and maintain this repo, any help is appreciated.


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