?️ Shopitel ?

To Get Started ⚡

  1. Clone the shopitel-ecommerce-app repository using git:

git clone [email protected]:AbihaFatima/shopitel-ecommerce-app.git

cd shopitel-api
  1. Install dependencies with this command:

yarn add

or if you are using npm package manager:

npm install
  1. Run the backend application with this command:

yarn start

now the node server will be running at http://localhost:3000/ (for server side development)

  1. To connect to the react client side :

cd shopitel-client-react-ui
  1. Install dependencies (required for the front-end) with this command:

yarn add
  1. Run the application with this command:

yarn start

We’re finally all set to go?

The web application will be running at http://localhost:3001/

Happy Shopping! ?️

Tech Stack Used:


  • Express.js
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • JWT (for authentication)
  • CryptoJS (for data encryption)
  • Stripe API (for checkout ?)


  • React
  • Redux (to manage app state)
    • Redux Persist (for local storage)
  • React-router-dom (to handle routing)
  • Axios (for http requests)
  • Material-UI and styled-components (for component-level design)

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