Shopping Cart using React.js & TypeScript

A working shopping cart for your React.js Application – Integrated with FakeStore’s API for Store details.

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Tech Stack

  • React.js for creating interactive and component based UIs.
  • TypeScript for type checking and creating custom types.
  • Node.js for setting up the application environment.
  • FakeStore for using their API and populating the application with sample data.
  • Material UI for creating simple and customizable UI.
  • Styled Components for creating custom components using CSS.

Application Flow

  • Application would show a loading screen while the data is being fetched.
  • User can add any item in the cart.
  • Cart will be dynamically populated with the times user want to add.
  • Dynamic counter for showing the cart value, and increasing item count as per user’s interaction.
  • User can increase the amount of items, and total prices would be calculated as per the cart items.
  • Using QueryClientProvider from react-query to add context for the React.js application.


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