React Compare Image

Simple React component to compare two images using slider.



  • Simple
  • Responsive (fit to the parent width)
  • Size difference between two images handled correctly. Element size determined by following two factors:
    • width of the parent
    • right image's aspect ratio

How to use

yarn add react-compare-image

// or

npm install --save react-compare-image
import ReactCompareImage from 'react-compare-image';



Prop (* required) type default description
leftImage * string null left image's url
rightImage * string null right image's url
sliderPositionPercentage number (float) 0.5 Default line position (from 0 to 1)
sliderLineWidth number (px) 2 line width of slider (by pixel)
sliderLineColor string "#ffffff" line color of slider
handleSize number (px) 40 diameter of slider handle (by pixel)
hover boolean false Whether to slide at hover
skeleton element null Element displayed while image is loading
autoReloadSpan number (ms) null If specified, the image is loaded again at the interval specified when loading images failed
autoReloadLimit number (count) 10 Limitation on automatic reload retry count
onSliderPositionChange function null Callback function called each time the slider changes. The position (0 to 1) of the slider is passed as arg