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Ultimate I18n JS ?

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Ultimate internationalization library for web applications.

  • Super simple & easy.
  • Less than 1KB (minified and gziped).
  • 0 dependencies.
  • SEO friendly (default language will be indexed).
  • Automatic a user’s language detection.
  • It remembers a language change (uses local storage).
  • JavaScript / TypeScript support.
  • Support all modern browsers (it uses the MutationObserver internally).

? Online Examples

? Use with Static HTML Web App

Set your default language code in the html tag.

<html lang="en">

Add this library as the first script in your <head> section.

   <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/lib/index.min.js"></script>

That’s it! ? Now you can add language attributes to any element on your page.

    i18n-pl="Witaj świecie"
    i18n-es="Hola Mundo">
    Hello World <!-- Your default language (en) -->

To change language call the set function.


<button onclick="UltimateI18n.set('en');">EN</button>
<button onclick="UltimateI18n.set('es');">ES</button>
<button onclick="UltimateI18n.set('pl');">PL</button>

➡ Check examples for static HTML web apps

? Use with Module Bundler

Install this package.

npm install ultimate-i18n-js

Set your default language code in the html tag.

<html lang="en">

Call the setup method before your app start.

import * as UltimateI18n from 'ultimate-i18n-js';


That’s it! ? Now you can add dynamicaly content to your app.

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
  document.getElementById('placeholder').innerHTML = `
      i18n-pl="Kocham czerwony"
      i18n-es="Amo el rojo">
      I love red

To change language call the set function.


➡ Check examples for Webpack apps


  • UltimateI18n.set('es') – Changes the current language.
  • UltimateI18n.get() – Reads the current language.
  • UltimateI18n.setup() – Initializes the library. This step is required only for a late setup.
  • UltimateI18n.isSupported – Returns true if the library is enabled, otherwise false.

?‍♂️ TODO

React and Angular is not supported yet.

The dynamic attribute change is not supported yet. The below code currently doesn’t work properly.

const season = document.getElementById('season');
season.innerHtml = 'Summer';
season.setAttribute('i18n-pl', 'Lato');
season.setAttribute('i18n-es', 'El verano');

Use the below approach instead. Basically you need to replace a whole element.

document.getElementById('seasonContainer').innerHTML = `
      i18n-es="El verano">


const newSeason = document.createElement('h2');
newSeason.innerHtml = 'Summer';
newSeason.setAttribute('i18n-pl', 'Lato');
newSeason.setAttribute('i18n-es', 'El verano');


? License

This project is released under the MIT license.


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