About The Project

Slack Clone


  • Slack-Clone is a clone of a slack. Implemented using React and Firebase.
  • Behind the backend, I was used React-Firebase for authentication with Google-auth, and highly secure specially for non-authorized users.
  • And I have developed a channel section to add new channels and communicate through these channels.
  • I have used firestore to keep store all the messages spread among the channels or community.
  • And ofcourse our database will be safe under google-firebase security so no worries about securities.


  • The channels or messages are stored in firestore database so quickly accessible via our app.
  • I was used react-router-dom for saving server-side loads or refreshing. this functionality improve the speed for redirect to one component to another without refreshing from server-side it makes life easier, save lots of time and fast to switch without loading or refreshing the whole page.
  • Our data will be in real-time, if any changes make happens in messages or channels then it will automatically changes in our app in real-time no need to refresh our page. the app will be responsive like if you used in Desktop or Mobile devices it render same thing.

Built With

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