Social Media Application ?

Social Media Application using React with CSS3 & Node.js.

Features ?

✔️ Authentication with form account ✔️ Authentication with email & password

Technologies used ?️

Design: CSS3 & Styled Components Authentication: Form auth from scratch Backend: NodeJs Libraries: – redux-logger: console logging redux data flow – redux: state management

Usage ?

1. Server Setup

#1. clone this project
~ git clone
#2. cd into it
~ cd social-media-app
#3. install server dependencies
~ yarn
#4. start the project 
~ yarn start

available scripts

~ yarn run
~ yarn run test
~ yarn run test -o --watch
~ yarn run env

Contributing ?

Pull request are welcome but please open an issue and discuss what you will do before ?

License ?

This project is open-sourced under the MIT license.


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