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A Solid component to generate QR codes for rendering to the DOM. This package was ported to Solid from the qrcode.react package made by zpao


npm install solid-qr-code


solid-qr-code exports three components, supporting rendering as SVG or Canvas. SVG is generally recommended as it is more flexible, but Canvas may be preferable.

All examples are shown using modern JavaScript modules and syntax.


import { render } from 'solid-js/web';
import QRCodeSVG from "solid-qr-code";

import App from './App';

render(() => <QRCodeSVG value="" />, document.getElementById('root') as HTMLElement);


import { render } from 'solid-js/web';
import QRCodeCanvas from "solid-qr-code";

import App from './App';

render(() => <QRCodeCanvas value="" />, document.getElementById('root') as HTMLElement);


Note: Usage of this is deprecated as of v3. It is available as the default export for compatiblity with previous versions. The renderAs prop is only supported with this component.

import { render } from 'solid-js/web';
import QRCode from "solid-qr-code";

import App from './App';

render(() => <QRCode value="" renderAs="canvas" />, document.getElementById('root') as HTMLElement);

Available Props

prop type default value
value string
renderAs string ('canvas' 'svg') 'canvas'
size number 128
bgColor string (CSS color) "#FFFFFF"
fgColor string (CSS color) "#000000"
level string ('L' 'M' 'Q' 'H') 'L'
includeMargin boolean false
imageSettings object (see below)


field type default value
src string
x number none, will center
y number none, will center
height number 10% of size
width number 10% of size
excavate boolean false

Custom Styles

solid-qr-code will pass through any additional props to the underlying DOM node (<svg> or <canvas>). This allows the use of inline style or custom className to customize the rendering. One common use would be to support a responsive layout.

Note: In order to render QR Codes in <canvas> on high density displays, we scale the canvas element to contain an appropriate number of pixels and then use inline styles to scale back down. We will merge any additional styles, with custom height and width overriding our own values. This allows scaling to percentages but if scaling beyond the size, you will encounter blurry images. I recommend detecting resizes with something like a solid version of react-measure to detect and pass the appropriate size when rendering to <canvas>.

Encoding Mode

solid-qr-code supports encoding text only, in a single segment. The encoding library being used does minimal detection to determine if the text being encoded can follow an optimized path for Numeric or Alphanumeric modes, allowing for more data to be encoded. Otherwise, it will encode following Byte mode. This mode includes supports multi-byte Unicode characters such as Kanji, however it does not support the optimized Kanji encoding mode.


solid-qr-code is licensed under the MIT license.

solid-qr-code bundles QR Code Generator, which is available under the MIT license.


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