Standalone Starter React Component for Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Must be used with occ-shared-resource-bundle



This component allows OCC developers to create and update React 16 JSX applications and components as standard widgets in real time. The React Application is compiled to file/widget preserving the request path folder structure for an occ widget. The component wraps the native knockout.js view model and injects both the model and developer defined dependencies into each React component allowing developers access to best of both worlds, "old" and new. Of course, the build can be configured and with the state of the React eco system, the possibilities are endless.
Hot Module Reload(HRM) allows developers to update component in real-time without page refreshes works by way of code injection via sockets. To use this in the OCC instance you need a proxy. I use Charles, but I'm sure any proxy which allows you to map and wildcard files will work. Please see Proxy configuration for charles settings.