Stupid Randomizer


Awarding game for The ៦th Stupid Hackathon Thailand

This game involves both skills, and luck. Comparing the last 5 years that rewards are given by pure luck. And for the first time, mini-game in The Stupid Hackathon Thailand that use combination of physical game, and digital rewarding system all-in-one

What’s included?

  • React: Handling table rendering, and data management.
  • jQuery (yes): martix3d pane management.


DATABASE_URL environment variables is required to connect to prisma database (here’s how) (.env is usable)

First, install dependencies

pnpm i

Then, setup database with working DATABASE_URL with that done then you can deploy database schema.

pnpm prisma:migrate-prod

Setup data in the database manually, then run entire application with Vercel CLI

vercel dev 


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