Web-based terminal simulation that imitates some basic bash commands (and a little more).


Written with:

  • React
  • Typescript
  • Express
  • Prisma
  • Tailwind


  • clear – Clears console window
  • eval <js expression> – Executes JS code e.g. eval 2+2
  • ls – Shows files in current directory
  • cd <dir> – Change directory e.g. cd /home
  • help – Displays all commands
  • cat <file> – Displays file content e.g. cat test.txt
  • touch <name> – Creates file with given name e.g. touch test.txt
  • mkdir <name> – Creates directory with given name e.g. mkdir home
  • rm <filename> – Delete file with given name e.g. rm test.txt. Args: -R: remove directory with files in it instead of file
  • write <file> <content> – Overwrites a file with given content e.g. write test.txt This is test message.

To do:

  • More commands
  • User system
  • Sudo


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