Obsidian Youtube Timestamp Notes

Use Case

Hello Obsidian users! Like all of you, I love using Obsidian for taking notes. My usual workflow is a YouTube video in my browser on one side of my screen while I jot down notes in Obsidian on the other side. While Obsidian itself is a great notetaking tool, I found this setup quite lacking. When reviewing my notes, it would often take me a long time to find the section of the video the note came from and I found it annoying constantly having to switch between my browser and Obsidian.


This plugin solves this issue by allowing you to:

  • Open up a YouTube player in Obsidian’s sidebar
  • Insert timestamps with a hotkey
  • Select timestamps to navigate to that place in the video


  • Download and enable the plugin
  • Set the hotkeys for opening the YouTube Player and inserting timestamps (my default is cmnd-shift-y and cmnd-y, respectively)
  • Highlight a YouTube url and select either the Ribbon note icon or the Open YouTube Player hotkey
  • Jot down notes and anytime you want to insert a timestamp, press the registered hotkey
  • Toggle pausing/playing the video by using hotkey (my default is option space)
  • Open videos at the timestamp you left off on (this is reset if plugin is disabled)
  • Close the player by right-clicking the icon above the YouTube player and selecting close



Known Issues

  1. Inserting timestamps into a bulleted section does not work. Unfortunately, code-blocks cannot be in-line with text. Make sure to press enter/insert the timestamp on a new line.

Other Authors

This plugin uses the react-youtube npm package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-youtube.


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