Reactli (under development)

The New CLI tool explicitly for react.

This is a CLI tool similar to @angular/cli. The main purpose of this is, to create short-cuts for all the boilerplate code you’ve to run when you are developing a react application.

I am hoping to expand this more so you will be able to,

  • Generate components
  • Generate stylesheets (css, scss, styled-components and many more)
  • install npm packages
  • run your application
  • Lint your application
  • run tests with 0 configuration


  • Fully customizable templates
  • to be supported to wide range of apps
    • Create React App
    • NextJS
    • Gatsby
    • React with Vite
    • All with typescript
    • and more

Here’s the first look


Get started

Add this cli globally to your PC. Run:

$ npm install reactli -g

To create a new component

rc g c <component_name>

That’s it!

I am hoping to develop this to the next level. so you can help me with just giving a ? to this repo



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