Get up and running in 1 minute with:

git clone
cd growthbook
docker-compose up -d

Then visit http://localhost:3000

Our Philosophy

The top 1% of companies spend thousands of hours building their own A/B testing platforms in-house.
The other 99% are left paying for expensive 3rd party SaaS tools or hacking together unmaintained open source libraries.

GrowthBook gives you the flexibility and power of a fully-featured in-house A/B testing platform without needing to build it yourself.

Major Features

  • ❄️ Pull data from Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and more
  • ? Bayesian statistics engine with support for binomial, count, duration, and revenue metrics
  • ⬇️ Drill down into A/B test results by browser, country, or any other attribute
  • ? Export results as a Jupyter Notebook!
  • ? Client libraries for React, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, and Python with more coming soon
  • ?️ Visual Editor for non-technical users to create experiments (beta)
  • ? Document experiments with screenshots and GitHub Flavored Markdown
  • ? Automated email alerts when tests become significant
  • ? Lightweight idea board and objective prioritization framework

Try GrowthBook

Managed Cloud Hosting

Create a free GrowthBook Cloud account to get started.

Open Source

The included docker-compose.yml file contains the GrowthBook App and a MongoDB instance (for storing cached experiment results and metadata):


This project uses the MIT license. The core GrowthBook app will always remain open and free, although we may add some commercial enterprise add-ons in the future.


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