he ultimate Line Progress Bar UI for React - Supports Natural color gradients & Coherent border rounding


📦 Installation

# Install peer depedencies
yarn add react react-dom styled-components

# Install Frogress's Line Progress Bar component
yarn add @frogress/line
  • styled-components will be replaced soon by React's internal StyleSheet(to reduce depedencies).

🚀 Usage

import { LineProgressBar } from '@frogress/line'

<LineProgressBar percent={65} />

percent is the percentage of the progress bar(number type value with a range of 0 to 100).
This property is required in TypeScript, but it will default to 0 if you ignore it.

👓 Compile-time Type checking

- <LineProgressBar percent={-32} />
- <LineProgressBar percent={-1} />

+ <LineProgressBar percent={0} />
+ <LineProgressBar percent={45} />
+ <LineProgressBar percent={100} />

- <LineProgressBar percent={101} />
- <LineProgressBar percent={9999} />

The type is enforced so that only integers within the correct range are allowed.

💡 What problem does this solve?


Lots of existing line progress bar UIs do not support color gradients or rounded edges.

Most implementations it wrong. The upper-left image is the most common mistake with inconsistent behavior; Gradients are shrunk with the progress width, border-radius is working strangely with small values.

🌸 Styling









# 🖨 Clone git repository
git clone
cd frogress

# 📦 Install depedencies
yarn install

# 🔨 Build @frogress/line
yarn workspace @frogress/line build

# 🏃‍♀️ Run development server for @frogress/docs
yarn workspace @frogress/docs dev