Time zone picker for react-bootstrap.



npm install react-bootstrap-timezone-picker

Usage Example

import TimezonePicker from 'react-bootstrap-timezone-picker';
import 'react-bootstrap-timezone-picker/dist/react-bootstrap-timezone-picker.min.css';
  absolute      = {false}
  defaultValue  = "Europe/Moscow"
  placeholder   = "Select timezone..."
  onChange      = {this.handleChange}

Demo source code is available here.


Note: all props are optional.

Prop Type Default Description
absolute bool true Control time zone list overflow. Please check demo for more details.
className string none Class name for container
defaultValue string none Initial time zone can be provided
onChange(newValue: string) func none Triggered on user selection
placeholder string none If value is empty, than placeholder is displayed
style object none Style for container
timezones object loaded from timezone.json Time zone option list
value string none Override selected time zone with a new value