TOAST UI Editor v3 major update planning???

TOAST UI Editor is planning a v3 major update for 2021. You can see our detail RoadMap here!


GFM Markdown and WYSIWYG Editor – Productive and Extensible

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? Packages


Name Description
@toast-ui/editor Plain JavaScript component

TOAST UI Editor’s Wrappers

Name Description
@toast-ui/jquery-editor jQuery wrapper component
@toast-ui/react-editor React wrapper component
@toast-ui/vue-editor Vue wrapper component

TOAST UI Editor’s Plugins

Name Description
@toast-ui/editor-plugin-chart Plugin to render chart
@toast-ui/editor-plugin-code-syntax-highlight Plugin to highlight code syntax
@toast-ui/editor-plugin-color-syntax Plugin to color editing text
@toast-ui/editor-plugin-table-merged-cell Plugin to merge table columns
@toast-ui/editor-plugin-uml Plugin to render UML

? Why TOAST UI Editor?

TOAST UI Editor provides Markdown mode and WYSIWYG mode. Depending on the type of use you want like production of Markdown or maybe to just edit the Markdown. The TOAST UI Editor can be helpful for both the usage. It offers Markdown mode and WYSIWYG mode, which can be switched any point in time.

Productive Markdown Mode


CommonMark + GFM Specifications

Today CommonMark is the de-facto Markdown standard. GFM (GitHub Flavored Markdown) is another popular specification based on CommonMark – maintained by GitHub, which is the Markdown mostly used. TOAST UI Editor follows both CommonMark and GFM specifications. Write documents with ease using productive tools provided by TOAST UI Editor and you can easily open the produced document wherever the specifications are supported.

  • Live Preview : Edit Markdown while keeping an eye on the rendered HTML. Your edits will be applied immediately.
  • Scroll Sync : Synchronous scrolling between Markdown and Preview. You don’t need to scroll through each one separately.
  • Auto Indent : The cursor will always be where you want it to be.
  • Syntax Highlight : You can check broken Markdown syntax immediately.



  • Table : Through the context menu of the table, you can add or delete columns or rows of the table, and you can also arrange text in cells.
  • Code Block Editor : The code block area can be edited through the layer popup editor.

Usability Common UI


  • Toolbar : Through the toolbar, you can style or add elements to the document you are editing.
  • Copy and Paste : Paste anything from browser, screenshot, excel, powerpoint, etc.

Use of Various Extended Functions – Plugins


CommonMark and GFM are great, but we often need more abstraction. The TOAST UI Editor comes with powerful Plugins in compliance with the Markdown syntax.

Five basic plugins are provided as follows, and can be downloaded and used with npm.

? Features

  • Viewer : Supports a mode to display only markdown data without an editing area.
  • Internationalization (i18n) : Supports English, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Ukrainian, Turkish, Finnish, Czech, Arabic, Polish, Galician, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, Croatian, Portuguese + language and you can extend.

? Examples

Here are more examples and play with TOAST UI Editor!

? Browser Support

Chrome Chrome IE Internet Explorer Edge Edge Safari Safari Firefox Firefox
Yes 10+ Yes Yes Yes

? Pull Request Steps

TOAST UI products are open source, so you can create a pull request(PR) after you fix issues. Run npm scripts and develop yourself with the following process.


Fork master branch into your personal repository. Clone it to local computer. Install node modules. Before starting development, you should check to see if there are any errors.

$ git clone{your-personal-repo}/tui.editor.git
$ cd [project-name]
$ npm install
$ npm run setup:libs
$ cd ./apps/editor
$ npm install
$ npm run test


You can see your code is reflected as soon as you saving the codes by running a server. Don’t miss adding test cases and then make green rights.

Run webpack-dev-server

$ npm run serve

Run karma

$ npm run test

Pull Request

Before creating a PR, test and check for any errors. If there are no errors, then commit and push.

For more information, please refer to the Contributing section.

? Contributing

? TOAST UI Family

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? License

This software is licensed under the MIT © NHN.


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