ToDo Application with React JS

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Project Description

ToDo application created with React JS. Users have possibility to create, edit, delete, check and uncheck todos.



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This service is initialized with two users, which can be used for immediate testing:


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Create a new user by entered email, password and confirmation password.


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When user enter his task and click on Add New Task button, users todo will show on the top of ToDo list constainer.


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When user click on edit icon on given todo he have possibility to edit this todo. After click on Edit Task button todo will be edited.


When user click on a trash icon on given todo this todo will be deleted. When user click on checkbox given todo will be scratched/unscrached. When user click on Delete Done Tasks button all scratched todos will be deleted. Whene user click on Delete All Tasks button all todos will be deleted.


When user click on logout icon his session has expired.

Guest Users

Guest users can see only login and register pages.


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