Productivity music for Developers



Sign up for the following services and grab the API keys:

  • Contentful – CMS for managing the contents of the app (20000 Records & 2,000,000 API Calls/month in free tier)
  • Cloudinary – Content Delivery service for hosting audio files for streaming (25 GB/month in free tier)
  • Amplitude – App usage analytics (Optional)
  • Sentry – Error monitoring in production (Optional)


Contentful Model Creation

  • Create two models in the Contentful dashboard named Playlist and Track.

  • Playlist model for saving the list of tracks, which will contain the following fields:

    Playlist Model

  • Track model for saving the track information, which will contain the following fields:

    Track Model


Cloudinary Assets Hosting

  • Login into your Cloudinary account and create folder and upload all of your MP3 files

    Cloudinary Folder Creation

  • Copy the public URL for each file by clicking on the Copy URL button

    Cloudinary Copy Public URL



  • Clone the repository by running git clone [email protected]:unmusic/unmusic.github.io.git

  • Get inside the /web folder

  • Add a file named .env.local and replace it with contents of .env.sample

  • Make sure you update all the environment variables below:

    • REACT_APP_SENTRY_DSN (Optional)
  • Install all the dependencies by running npm install

  • Run npm start to start the application in the development mode. The app will be running at http://localhost:3000.


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