Tronion UI

Run dev server:

npm run dev

Home page is in pages/index.js, the user pages are in pages/account directory, theme file utils/theme.js, modal component logic is already set from previous project and integrated with nextjs in the _document.js file, only redesign has to be done. off-canvas nav overlay hasn’t been added. I used classNames to create variants for the reusable components.

All new components to be created are only variants of reusable components in the components/commons, directory except for:

  • Dashboard side bar
  • Dashboard task list and buttons
  • ICO countdown card


  • All images have a wrapper for styling as conventional styling can’t be used on the next/image component that has to be used in place of in a nextjs app.


  • Styled Components for styling.
  • React Icons (Font Awesome)*.
  • React Toastify from previous project.


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