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This is an open source data visualization project that collects all 1.8K+ drawings from a furry artist and illustrator pandapaco, written in TypeScript and Python.

For more in-depth and thorough explanation on how I gather, render, and manage data, go here!

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Technology stack

I use Python to gather a bunch of data, while FastAPI for the back-end, and special thanks to @thatITfox for initially setting up the backend with Flask! And Next.js for the website as a whole. Previously written in Vue.js.

Project structure

  • app – The website, written in Next.js + TypeScript, Sass, and TailwindCSS
  • script – Bash scripts for bulk linting and for deployment
  • server – Python FastAPI back-end

About this project

This project began in October 31, 2021, and the possible inspiration from this project is through McBroken (basically a McDonald’s broken ice cream machine site) and it’d be interesting to see in all of his drawings to see said data and it’s various datasets.

This project collects the following:

  • The title and date of the piece
  • Number of character(s) species and names
  • Media type (either drawn digital or traditional)
  • Programs/mediums used (i.e. Photoshop, Procreate, etc.)
  • The source where I got the data from (either from FurAffinity or from DeviantArt)

I have to manually source it through FurAffinity and DeviantArt for his draft drawings (including his Art & Biro comics). Unfortunately, drawings from Twitter won’t be counted in order to ease the load on my end and the dataset as well since all the data gathered will be hardcoded to the site.

Why did you create this project?

It’s really not my intention to impress him in general, I’m just a huge fan of his artwork and his unique and adorable art style that I’d want to see how many characters he’s drawn since mid-2000s but he’d for sure find it interesting as it’s more of a fun project to a new hobby of mine, learning not only JavaScript, but also learning a bit of back-end and basic data management in the process of other projects I do.

Initially, I wanted to show realtime data from Google Sheets and render data via a chart library from a website and I’d thought I’ll take one of my favorite artists and run it through this process, but I’m kinda lacking backend knowledge and I needed a help with @thatITfox for setting up a Flask web server.

Isn’t this taking it too far?

Well, as someone who admires his art, yes – to some extent. Well, sure – it may feel like I watch him on every step, but trust me, I only use them for analytical and informational purposes; parsing drawing data on his Twitter profile would be difficult.

To be honest, it’s more of a serious, yet passion project of mine to show various kinds of drawing data from his.



  • Node.js v16 or higher (LTS recommended)
  • Python 3.9 or higher
  • WSL and/or Git Bash (for Windows users required to execute Bash scripts)

Running the dev server

  • Install both Node and Python environments by executing sh scripts/
  • Run both servers by yarn dev or npm run dev.

Generating data locally

From the server/ file, there are two parameters:

  • -p <number>, --pages <number>: Specify what pages to scrape, each page contains 48 items. If this parameter is not set, it will scrape the first 5 pages.
  • -v, --verbose: Log a bunch of stuff to the console, i.e. date, ID, tags, image link, and the amount of time to send a request.

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Source code licensed under MIT; Other third-party content licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0


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