Wordle Solver

This is my first major frontend project created using React/Tailwind/WebAssembly.

This project uses a similar algorithm that 3blue1brown uses.


  • Some of the Wasm code is taken from Roget.
  • Some of the code for the grid and keyboard design is taken from Reactle.


Running in production with a Docker container

  1. Build image.
docker build -t wsol:prod .
  1. Run container on port 8080.
docker run -d -p 8080:80 wsol:prod

Running locally with a development build

  1. Build Wasm module (optional as the Wasm module is already included in the repo). Take note that Rust, the wasm32-unknown-unknown target (installed via rustup), and wasm-pack needs to be installed.
npm run build:wasm
  1. Build React project and run the app on localhost.
npm run start