A WebGL overlay suite for React providing a set of highly performant data visualization overlays

Provides tested, highly performant layers for data visualization, such as scatterplots, arcs, geometries defined in GeoJSON, etc...


npm install --save


To learn how to use through examples coming with the repo,
please clone the latest release branch.

git clone -b 5.1-release --single-branch

import DeckGL from '';
import {ArcLayer} from '';

const flights = new ArcLayer({
  id: 'flights',
  data: [] // Some flight points

<DeckGL width={1920} height={1080} layers={[flights]} />


The master branch is the active development branch.

npm install # or yarn
npm test
npm start  # See note below

Note that you will also need to do an npm install in the main example (examples/layer-browser)
since the npm start command tries to build and run that example.

cd examples/layer-browser
npm install # or yarn
cd ../..

Note that npm start in the main directory actually runs examples/main.
You will need to install dependencies in that example first:

cd examples/main
npm install # or yarn
cd ../..
npm start

Node Version Requirement

Running as a dependency in another project (e.g. via npm i requires Node v4 or higher.
Building from source has a dependency on Node v6.4 or higher.
Either upgrade to a supported version, or install something like
nvm to manage Node versions.

Install yarn

On macOS uses yarn to manage packages.
To develop, install yarn with brew

brew update
brew install yarn