? Web WhatsApp – UI Clone

? Web apllication (Web WhatsApp) developed using NextJS + TypeScript + TailwindCSS technologies.


? Running in a browser (Frontend)

# Clone this repository
$ git clone [email protected]:wallacefreitas/web-whatsapp-ui-clone.git

# Access the folder project in your terminal/cmd
$ cd web-whatsapp-ui-clone

# Install the dependencies
$ npm install

# Run  the application in development mode
$ npm run start

# The application will open in port:3000 - go to http://localhost:3000

? Technologies

The following tools were used in building the project:

Website (React JS + TypeScript)

See the file package.json

? Screenshots

Screenshot memory game

? License

This project is under license MIT.

Made by Wallace de Freitas ??


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