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WordleGameCB is a game inspired by the Wordle word game developed by Josh Wardle. This application was developed with the aim of putting into practice React concepts such as the use of Hooks, Custom Hooks and States. In addition, the use of new technologies: Tailwinds as CSS Framework and Vite as a file packer, an alternative to WebPack.

How to play

To play WordleGameCB, just enter the demo attached to this repository and try to guess the word of the day. The colors of the boxes will give you clues when a letter is in the correct position and when it is contained in the word but not yet in the desired position. You only have 6 chances or turns to guess the word.


Green : Correct position Blue : Letter contained in the secret word Gray : Letter is not contained in the secret word.

Note: Only Spanish words have been added.


– Input Bar(Text Field) : By typing the name of the pokemon and pressing enter we can perform a search in the API and display the data of this in case it is found. – Card : The game takes place inside a card with minimalist styles and dark design. – Responsive : As it is a vertically and horizontally centered design set it became easy to apply responsive parameters for smaller screens. – Effects : Effects or animations are added as a result of losing or winning the game, in order to represent the state in which we find ourselves.


Possible Improvements

  • Add a modal window or alert to notify the user when he/she wins or loses.
  • Button to change the language and consequently the word bank.
  • Improve the design.