VER. 0.5.0

	- the structure of project has been changed
	- to checked out default attributes of empty head element in React
	- to connected WEBPACK 
	- to added charset utf-8

	- styles via css.modules
	- added more gaming font, not Ubuntu font-face
	- added inset shadown to better displaying active functions or occupied another cell
	- edited active style cell
	- shifted all rgb into hsl
	- optimized occupied style
	- to set up variables in sass code, integrated it into code
	- history font-size - to decreased
	- chacnged distance between header buttons and history log	

	- integrated css autoprefix 
	- added css modules and it will lead to a change in the structure of the project
	- web application supports old browsers!

	- fixed annoying bag when switching mode
	- the bot will not walk if the path is obviously short


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