?️ @pmndrs/racing-game

Live demo (current state): https://racing.pmnd.rs/

This project is a showcase for the feasibility of React in gaming. Every thing is a self contained component using react-three-fiber to express threejs with React semantics. If that seems strange to you read this explanation.

This project is 100% open source and community built, CC0 assets only, everyone is invited to participate. If you have a PR merged you are added to the triage team. Refer to CONTRIBUTING.md for more information.

/assets   - the blend files
/utils    - game state store, helpers
/models   - gltfjsx models, players, characters
/effects  - dust, trails, skids, shaders
/ui       - intros, heads up displays, leaderboards

There is a dedicated discord channel for this project here: https://discord.gg/dQW7fDmaAG


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