A simple and easy-to-use library for adding 3d icons into any React project.


Gif Demonstration

The library provides thousands of icons ready to go, and can be extended with any SVG you want.


ThreeJS and React Three Fiber are expected to already be installed in the project.

npm install three @react-three/fiber

npm install react-3d-icons

How to use

Import the Icon element:

import { Icon } from "react-3d-icons";

Import icon(s) you would like to use (full list below):

import { twitter, github } from "react-3d-icons";

Add the Icon element and specify your icon as well as any other parameters. If size is unspecified, the icon’s canvas will fill the size of its parent.

<Icon file={twitter} color={"#1DA1F2"} scale={10} style={{ height: "100px", width: "100px" }} />

<div style={{ height: "150px", width: "150px" }}>
  <Icon file={github} color={'#1c1c1c'} scale={10}/>

Voila! Your icon is now display and can be treated as any other image or text element.

Above example rendered

Opening Links

You can pass any url into the ‘link’ property of the Icon element, and clicking on the icon will open that link in a new tab.

<Icon file={npm} link='' />


The npm package comes pre-configured with the entire catalogue. The import names are lowercase, without spaces, and numbers & periods have been converted to words. (Ex: Twitter -> twitter, Google Maps -> googlemaps, -> aboutdotme, 1Password -> onepassword)

import { twitter } from "react-3d-icons";

<Icon file='mylogo' />;

Additionally, you can import your own SVGs, and pass references to them into the ‘file’ property.

React Example:

import { mylogo } from "./icons/logo.svg";

<Icon file='mylogo' />;


The Icon component comes with properties which you can customize to change how your icon looks and behaves.

Property Description Type Default Value Required?
file The SVG you want to use in your icon. string undefined
style The CSS styles that will applied to the container of the element. object {}
className The CSS classes that will be applied to the container of the element. string
color The color of your icon. string (‘#ff1965’) or hexadecimal number (0xff1965) #000000
lightColor The color of the light illuminating your icon. string (‘#ff1965’) or hexadecimal number (0xff1965) #ffffff
depth The depth of the extrusion of your icon. number 0.5
extrudeSettings Custom ThreeJS extrusion settings you can apply if you want more control than just depth. See ThreeJS Docs for more info object undefined
scale The scale of your icon, some may initially be too small or large. number 1
position An array of the X, Y, and Z positions of your icon in 3d space. array [0, 0, 0]
rotation An array of the X, Y, and Z rotation of your icon. Unlike ThreeJS, which uses radian rotation, this uses “normal” degree rotation (Ex: 360 degrees is a full turn) array [0, 0, 0]
spin Set to true to make your icon spin in a circle, or set it to a number and increase or decrease it to change the speed of rotation. number OR boolean 0
link If specified, the link that will be opened upon clicking on the icon. string undefined


This is a very new project, so obviously it is not perfect yet. If you have issues or feature requests you can email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to help you.


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