React Weekly Digest

Welcome to React Weekly Digest #11.

Choosing the right React library can be a daunting task given the multitude of options available, with thousands to sift through for your project needs. Fortunately, we will publish a weekly digest that highlights popular libraries based on GitHub trends.

The weekly digest includes handpicked React Libraries React libraries and projects with concise summaries, saving you time on finding worthwhile content.


1.Fake Glow Material for React Three Fiber

Fake Glow Material for React Three Fiber is a React Three Fiber material designed to provide a simple and efficient way to create a glow effect from a 3D mesh. Unlike traditional methods that rely on post-processing effects, this material utilizes GLSL Shaders directly, offering improved performance and avoiding the usual drawbacks associated with post-processing.



A React component that converts any image into interactive particles.

A free NPM package with a React component that converts any image into interactive particles. Create stunning visual effects that keep visitors on your page for longer!



React-Maps is a collection of interactive map components for React, offering over 200 maps, including countries and continents. The components are designed for ease of use and have a small dependency size. The author emphasizes that the inclusion of disputed territories is intended to provide options for users and not to take sides. Users experiencing any issues with the components are encouraged to report them for resolution.

4.react stacked toast

react-stacked-toast is a React component that provides a stacked toast notification feature. It is designed to be lightweight, with a small footprint of approximately 6kB when gzipped.The toast notifications can be customized according to your preferences by passing a React component.

react stacked toast


Palettify is a project designed to offer trending themes for websites, accompanied by a playground that provides an instant preview of selected themes. The platform supports popular UI libraries like MUI and shadcn-ui, providing users with beautiful themes that can be easily copied and pasted into their applications.