Notty is an open-source, minimalistic AI-powered note-taking app and a powerful markdown editor. It aims to provide a simple and noise-free experience for users, leveraging AI to enhance note-taking and document creation. The app includes a built-in markdown editor with WYSIWYG functionality, supports cloud sync, conflict resolution, and follows a local-first approach.


  1. Simple Design:

    • Designed for minimalism and ease of use, providing a straightforward note-taking experience.
  2. AI Powered:

    • Utilizes AI to assist users in writing better notes and documents.
  3. Markdown Editor:

    • Comes with an integrated markdown editor that supports What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) functionality.
  4. Cloud Sync:

    • Enables synchronization of notes across devices using cloud storage.
  5. Conflict Resolution:

    • Automatically resolves conflicts when using Notty on multiple devices and prompts users to choose the correct version.
  6. Local-First:

    • Adheres to a local-first approach, ensuring that user data is primarily stored on their device and optionally in the cloud.
  7. FAST:

    • Powered by Cloudflare KV, Notty aims to deliver a blazing-fast experience.

Tech Stack:

  • Frontend: Next.js
  • Backend: Cloudflare Workers
  • Database: Cloudflare KV
  • AI: OpenRouter API
  • Editor: Novel

License: Notty is licensed under the MIT License.

Note: This project showcases the integration of various technologies, including AI, cloud computing, and a performant frontend framework to create an efficient note-taking solution.