Boilerplate for a Koa Redux React app with Webpack, Mocha, SASS, Babel, ESLint...


Detailed blogpost on how was this boilerplate built

Good to understand what's what.


  1. Clone repo

    git clone

  2. Install dependencies

    npm install

  3. Run the webserver

    npm run webserver

    Webserver should be running at http://localhost:3000/

  4. Make build

    npm run build

  5. Run development server

    npm run dev

    Development server should be running at http://localhost:8080/

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List of techs


  • npm run webserver

    Starts Koa server

  • npm run test

    Runs unit tests

  • npm run test:watch

    Watches for changes to run unit tests

  • npm run build

    Bundles the application

  • npm run dev

    Starts webpack development server

  • npm run lint

    Runs the linter

  • npm run deploy

    Creates the production ready files

  • npm run clean

    Removes the bundled code and the production ready files