Redux universal boilerplate

Boilerplate for react universal application building on flux architecture based on redux implementation.

Boilerplate based on:


  • es6/es7 syntax
  • Testing environment
  • Server and client side rendering
  • Routing on client and server sides
  • Hot module replacement
  • Html layout as react component
  • Not Found page with 404 HTTP status
  • Stubs of media asset modules for server bundle
  • CSS preprocessors support: SASS, Stylus


git clone
cd redux-universal-boilerplate

npm install


To build and start project for production run in console:

npm run deploy


There're two ways to work with boilerplate

  1. Build once and then run bundles:
npm run build
npm run start
  1. Developing in watch mode:
npm run watch

Watch mode

When you run in console:

npm run watch

Two web servers will be run:

  • web-server for backend started by server entry point on 8000 default port
  • webpack-dev-server with client bundle working on 8080 default port

For working with hot reloading mode, open your in browser http://localhost:8080/, all non-assets http request to will be proxy to backend endpoint

Example of hot reload mode

Testing environment

There is a watch mode for testing:

npm run test:watch


Don't forget that there's universal (isomorphic) boilerplate so you need to consider this fact when you will develop your UI application.

Remember that you should use browser objects (like window, document and etc.) in ReactJS componentDidMount Method


I would be thankful for your issues and pull requests


MIT license. Copyright © 2016, Ufocoder. All rights reserved.