Bookmarks List (BList)

This is a personal project that aims to make the collection of bookmarks easy and efficient. It is in early development.

I want to be able to easily store any bookmark (a.k.a URL) with its description using the keyboard when on the desktop.

I have a similar workflow to save and find my bookmarks on my machine (take a look here), but I want to have it accessible on any device on the web.



  • React-TypeScript application created with Vite.
  • Firebase for storage and authentication.
  • Tailwindcss

The planned features of this app are:

  • Save a URL with its description with the option to add tags.
  • Rapidly search and find a bookmark. Selecting the bookmark and hitting enter will take you to the corresponding URL.
  • Edit a bookmark’s info.
  • Sort bookmarks based on the creation date or recently used.
  • Show a clean and simple UI.


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